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Re: Need dial-up friendly install on USB stick

Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 19/08/11 22:41, Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm currently a Windows user who's trying to escape.

I have an unusual batch of constraints: 1. It must reside
*completely* on a USB stick and be able to read/write an existing
NTFS hard drive. 2. It must be able to connect thru a USB modem,
USROBOTICS USR5637. a. It will be used on a desktop ( *NO* high speed
internet ever _available_ ) and on a laptop (WIFI equipped) which
will often need dial-up.

I've experimented with "live editions" to determine hardware
functionality. As a permanent solution - DOA!

Using YUMI- I've tried:
ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso lupu-525.iso multicore_3.7.1.iso Using
Unetbootin I tried: linuxmint-11-gnome-cd-nocodecs-32bit.iso

All but Multicore had lsusb available and recognized the USB modem.
Only Puppy had a dialer - it could connect but repeatedly dropped
carrier for unknown cause.

Exit codes would be useful (in future)

Agreed. All I was trying to communicate was Puppy could communicate with the modem. It used some default settings and I've not checked to see if compatible with my ISP.

Mint and Multicore recognized the laptop
had WIFI capability - a protected WIFI system is nearby.

Of the distributions you've mentioned, with the exception of Multicore
which I've never heard of, all should support the US Robotics modem,
have dialers, can support NTFS, and will support some sorts of WiFi.

But the primary problem is bootstrapping the system.

I've roamed the web for a couple of months (no longer sure Google is
really a friend ;) I was originally referred to Ubuntu but I've come
to think is fundamentally I need Debian style repository

Debian and Ubuntu both use Debian style repositories.

That's why I posted here. I think I was pointed to Ubuntu because my friend liked the "user experience". I didn't find it that great and sometime next year support for at least one dialer will be dropped.

, much else is negotiable.

It "sounds" like you want to install a Debian desktop to a USB key, use
it to access an NTFS partition on the laptop, and, use (the laptop's)
wifi connection, as well as access internet via the US Robotics modem
(and the WiFi?)... is that correct??

The desktop will connect only thru the US Robotics modem.
The laptop will connect typically through WiFi (use the US Robotics modem when laptop is being used as a backup).

Debian can do all of those things. (conditionally). Ideally you'd kick
Windoof to an external device instead of handicapping Debian, your
choice... what you want might require some compromises, your answers to
the following will help us make suggestions.

Eventually Windows will take its place in my personal museum, right next to my Kaypro 10 (a CPM-80 machine ;).

What Desktop Environment were you after?

Any GUI. I'm from era of 026's, KSR-33's, and "glass teletypes".

What tasks do you want to do on this Desktop?

Vast majority will be text based. The remainder will be using Tc/Tl or gnu plot. Even my use of internet will be strongly text oriented. The one proprietary program I will want is known to run fine under WINE.

How big is your USB stick?

Most of mine are 16 GB.

What chipset is the WiFi?

I couldn't identify it.

What make and model is your laptop?

IBM Thinkpad (Lenovo T43)

How much RAM does your laptop have installed?

1 GB


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