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Re: UUID updates for dmcrypt/luks

PS. some random observations from my time spent with the above:

- busybox (which is used in initrd) *does* respect "set -x", but
(unlike bash) it does *not* pass it on to subshells. Could that be

- because of this, you need to first add "set -x" just to ./init in
the initrd, then you see the last script that ran, then add "set -x"
to that script, too. Needless to say that since each change requires a
reboot into GRML (and opening crypt loops and filesystems) each time,
that's time intensive.

- the "debug" kernel option (mentioned in some of the manpages related
to initrd, advertised as creating a file in the dev tmpfs) actually
increases kernel verbosity to the console, too (to the point of
loosing the set -x messages, so I had to boot without "debug")

- actually I seem to have been wrong about the initrd hanging
'indefinitely' and ctl-c getting me to a shell: ctl-c does not work,
but seems in both cases I booted I just waited +- exactly as long as
to time out, which is about 5 minutes. (In older installations (when
Sarge was sid) the timeout was shorter somehow.) Why doesn't ctl-c
stop the wait? Could that be fixed, please?

It would be awesome if the first and last of these things could be
improved. Maybe I should file bug reports.


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