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Re: Transplanting old System to New Drive (now Linux for vision impaired)

On 19/08/11 19:33, Lisi wrote:
> On Friday 19 August 2011 01:38:58 Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> But most of the recommendations I get are from sighted people ie.
>> Vinux is "supposed" to be good
> You will have noticed that I didn't mention it!

I did, the significance escaped me. Now I know better.

> (The Adriane version of Knoppix is, of course, good because Adriane
> Knopper helped to design it, and is partially sighted herself.)

I did not know that. It was on my list of things to look up - but I'd
"assumed" it was something to do with a European rocket.... Now I know.

> Vinux is virtually useless for anyone totally blind, because it is
> complex to get into speech; and useless for anyone partially sighted
> because, although the desktop itself has been adapted (badly from my
> point of view), no deeper layers are.  So you click on an icon with a
> label in a not utterly useless text label - and that is as far as you
>  get.  The apps all display in the original tiny fonts.  In fact, I
> agree with you that it is unusable.

I was over-dramatising - it has some uses:-
;drink coaster
;memory aid for recalling slavic words that end in hard consonants.
;decongestant (it loosens phlegm)
;could be useful if you suffer from very low blood pressure
;cure for constipation

> ArchLinux for the Blind I don't know.  I must have a look at it.
> Lisi

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