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Re: Transplanting old System to New Drive (now Linux for vision impaired)

On 19/08/11 06:39, Lisi wrote:
> On Thursday 18 August 2011 03:55:30 Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> As Martin isn't going to
>> use a Live CD approach - it's a moot point. (though Knoppix Adriane will
>> probably do the job, and includes parted)
> I understood (possibly erroneously) that Martin's problem wasn't that he 
> doesn't know about about Live CDs intended for those of us with less than 
> perfect vision, but that he can't, without the help of a sighted person, use 
> any of the tools available on the BIOS of the machine he is using to 
> set "boot from optical drive" because only visual information is available 
> prior to booting.
> Lisi

You are probably correct Lisi - I'm (reluctantly) new to the reduced
vision thing, and have yet to learn the basic skills (I still prefer the
headaches from squinting over using a screen reader).

Surely someone has thought to market a BIOS for the unsighted? I vaguely
recall an addon for the Spectrum (Currah), but the only PC BIOS I can
remember was a Phillips (or Panasonic?) from the early 80s (it announced
BIOS settings, can't recall if it aided navigation). Lernout & Hauspie
were working on similar project (or collecting money under those
pretexts) - hopefully that is amongst the technology that was aquired by

It's big technical documents and completely new interfaces that cause me
the most hassles.
For me the biggest problem is CD labels - my writing makes the reading
even harder. Now if someone created a simple system that announced the
title of any cd placed in the drive based on information burned to the

Unfortunately most of the Live CDs I've come across require a full
desktop just to get reader for CLI tools. The latest Knoppix for
instance, requires the noudev boot parameter to run on many of my
machines - which leaves me with no gui or screenreader! What I'd prefer
is a sort of Tom's Root Boot disk with voice support (and parted).
Knoppix Adriane is very good - I've also heard good things about
ArchLinux for the Blind. But most of the recommendations I get are from
sighted people ie. Vinux is "supposed" to be good... maybe if I came
from a Gnome background I wouldn't find it unusable - or fail to
understand why a desktop built for the sighted has to be adapted for the
blind (ugh).


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