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Re: Apple iBook power management

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Joel Rees @ 08/16/2011 10:08 PM:
> The module pmu_battery may need to be loaded.
> <http://blog.davidron.com/2011/01/ibook-battery-indication-in-ubuntu-1004.html>

after doing this, the icon says it's always on battery power even when
AC is plugged in.  the 'on battery power' tab showed up, but none of the
settings there have any effect even though the icon indicates the system
is on battery power

> gpmudmon-applet looks to be a possible for monitoring the battery status.

i had to install this manually from the lenny repositories.  it does at
least indicate correctly when the AC power is plugged in, but has no
effect on power management settings

> This page has a bit more information on several topics:
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1498559>

some good info there, i didn't try everything, but the included
xorg.conf doesn't work too well.  the debian default has been fine.

a friend suggested pbbuttonsd, which i've now installed and that seems
to have solved the issue.  screen is dimming and the other options on
the 'on battery power' tab are being recognized!



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