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Re: Apple iBook power management

Since I'll probably have the same issues if I get the graphics chip on
mine soldered back in right, I decided to do a quick search: "ibook g4
battery linux".

The module pmu_battery may need to be loaded.


gpmudmon-applet looks to be a possible for monitoring the battery status.


This page has a bit more information on several topics:


Joel Rees

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 3:36 PM, scar <scar@drigon.com> wrote:
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> i installed squeeze-powerpc on an Apple ibook g4, breathed new life into
> this little guy that Apple has kicked to the curb.  i installed gnome,
> configured the proprietary wifi drivers, and setup a right-click for the
> mouse, and it's all working well.
> although it doesn't seem to detect that there's a battery or something.
>  if i go into the power management settings, there's no tab for 'on
> battery power'.  if i unplug the AC power, the little icon doesn't
> change into a battery, it just stays as a plug.
> i'm pretty sure during the installation i told it to install the
> 'laptop' role so i'm not sure what's causing this, or even what to
> search for as a solution....

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