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BASH completing directories like files

I'm not sure what I did, but BASH is completing directories with a space instead of a slash on the end; and that's slowing me down because I have to backspace and type a slash. I recently added an alias to my bashrc, but when I did a diff between it and my backup, that was the only difference (alias llh='ls -lh'). I couldn't tell if my recent aptitude changes may have caused this. Here is a pastezone of the changes I did, today — <http://paste.debian.net/126445/>. The major thing I did last night was install apt-cacher on my other computer and set up this one as a client, but I didn't have this problem with BASH until the middle of today. I'm running Debian testing with Openbox, formerly Xfce, and I haven't restarted my X session (or whatnot) since updating and removing packages. I use kdm. Not sure what else to say, so please ask if you need more info.

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