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Re: Partition not mounted. Was Transplanting old System to New Drive

You write:
> I'm not sure in what stage of the migration are you right now (I did not
> follow the full thread), but have you tried to boot from a LiveCD and
> work from there?

	I have been avoiding that. I don't know if this is
peculiar to Dell mother boards, but every so often, my CMOS
boot order sequence gets reset to something that always puts the
hard drive ahead of the CDROM. Since the hard drive boots, game
over. As a computer user who is blind, most mother boards have
no alternative method for configuring the CMOS than eyeballs
facing a screen.

	In a perfect world, the CMOS would have an accessible
way to set it that did not require eyeballs on a screen. A
slightly less perfect world could have a CMOS backup application
that would let you slam it back when it got moved.

	In the world we have, you'r just hosed until you get out
the monitor, hook it up and get someone to help. My dear patient
wife can do that, but I want something that works at 5 in the
morning and doesn't involve bothering or waiting for anybody

	Getting back to the issue at hand, I am actually one
step away from being where I need to be. The image on /dev/hdb1
contains some sort of flag that was copied from the image of
/dev/hda1 which is, in fact mounted. If I could do something to
/dev/hdb1 to clear that flag, fdisk will let me resize that
partition to the larger size or at least it lets one change the
last cylinder to then allow resize2fs to work. That's really all
that is left.

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