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Re: "gconf-editor" icon missing from menu? (wheezy)

On Tue, 16 Aug 2011 02:16:30 -0500, Selim T. Erdogan wrote:

> Camale?n, 15.08.2011:

>> Well, I don't care about what to do nor how to restore it (I already
>> know that), I was asking if this has been experienced by anyone else.
>> If no, I will report it.
> When you say icon, you mean the whole menu item (icon + name), right?

> I am using sid.  Just checked and it's missing from my menu too, while
> the binary still exists.

That it is.
> I can restore it by going to "System->Main Menu" and checking the
> relevant box.  (No idea why it got unchecked.)

Hum... if more people is experiencing this looks like an intentional 
step. Okay, thanks for sharing this, I followed your instructions and now 
Gconf-editor is back again without much hassle.



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