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Re: Basic advice for setting up sound? Ubuntu convert

2011-08-16 12:20, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum skrev:

Where can i go for docs on how to set this up to Just Work?

As I do not know how to do what you want with alsa, I would suggest trying pulse in debian.

I have not found one authoritative guide to pulse on debian, but the method I had most success with is essentially the one outlined in many places (e.g. <http://blog.the-jedi.co.uk/2011/06/26/pulseaudio-on-debian-7/>).

It basically includes three steps:

1) Install the right packages.
2) Create an asound.conf file.
3) Test and adjust.

Then there are the details. I had more success with the flashplugin from the debian repository than the one from the debian-multimedia repos and I also installed a libsdl-pulse package instead of the standard one.

By the way: The gnome-settings-demon currently in experimental now recommends pulseaudio, and it that stays so, then using pulseauio on debian may become more well-documented, as it may get installed by default on future desktop installations.

/ johan

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