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Re: Changing Users in a script

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > There are distinct advantages to a backup push system.  Not proposing
> > that you change away from it.  But I tend to pull backups from /home
> > to the backup server.  This means that whatever is in /home comes over
> > whether it is associated with a user's home directory or not.  All I
> > manage is machines.  Not machines and users.
> How is it that a pull system would get more?  I didn't know there'd
> be files associated with a user that are outside of their home
> directory.

I have backup configured to pull from a machine.  Any users in /home
are all backed up because /home is backed up and without any need to
specifically enumerate a particular user.  Add a user, their home
directory will be in /home, they will get backed up automatically.  It
has nothing to do with files outside of a user's home directory.

A pull can miss if the machine isn't up.  So this isn't good for
machines that are not on all of the time.  But with a push system
hosts that are only on some of the time can push their backup when
they are up.  So often a push is better.


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