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Re: disappeared hard disk space

Jochen Spieker wrote:
> Simon Chen:
> > 
> > I need your help to find out what happened to my hard disk. The problem I've
> > met is according to the used space in my /dev/sda8, there should be 6G left.
> The difference is most probably the 5% of space that are reserved for
> the root user by default. Run 'tune2fs -m0 /dev/sdg8' to disable it.

Just noting that it is more than simply reserved for the root user.
The filesystem performance is dependent upon having enough free space
to defragment blocks and to place blocks efficiently.  Once the
available space gets very low then the filesystem has loses the
ability to do this and performance suffers.  So having some minimum
free space is a way of ensuring a minimum performance level.

This is also a df FAQ:



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