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Re: disappeared hard disk space

On 16/08/11 17:36, Simon Chen wrote:
Hi, all.

I need your help to find out what happened to my hard disk. The problem
I've met is according to the used space in my /dev/sda8, there should be
6G left. But there's only 1G now. I can't move a file larger to 1G to
that partition. Tried, but failed. I've also run some test and repairs.
Unfortunately nothing's changed. Now I show you the results.


5G space's just vanished. It cannot be journal. At least before
yesterday sum of used and free sizes always equaled total size, refered
to "df". So far as I could recall, the mistake may be that I deleted a
directory in that partition when a extraction of files was running
unnoticed into the same directory. Anyhow it was deleted afterwards.

Are you sure?
Depends how you "stopped" that "unnoticed" extraction - that can leave temp files.
What was doing the extraction??

Do you use a desktop environment? If it has a trashbin/recycle bin - check that also.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Zichen Chen


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