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Re: /etc/inittab not executed upon starting X with startx command

> suspicious that I am compelled to ask if you are really sure that is
> the correlation?  Please double check.
Yes, I double checked that. As soon as I revert back to installing
xdm, the login console appears on Serial Port 1.

> Are there any messaged logged to /var/log/syslog concerning failure of
> getty to start on /dev/ttyS0?
No there are none.

> If you run 'ps' do you see the getting running?
>  $ ps -ef |grep getty
The above command returns nothing i.e it looks like getty is not started at all.

> Both of these, the getting on the serial port and the gdm automated
> login, work fine together for me.  Since this is using gdm
> configuration to automatically log in a user it is different from your
> using su and startx from the rc.local though.
May be that's the reason. But just like you even I am very surprised
to see that /etc/inittab is not executed/sourced when using su and
startx method via rc.local.

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