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Re: /etc/inittab not executed upon starting X with startx command

Tech Geek wrote:
> I have uncommented the following line in the /etc/inittab file on
> Debian Squeeze:
> T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 9600 vt100

Seems reasonable.  I do that on server systems too.

> This works if my system starts up normally i.e. via xdm->fluxbox.


> However, I want to do a auto login into my fluxbox (instead of user
> typing in username and password in xdm) and I still want the basic
> login console on Serial Port 1. So I removed xdm package (apt-get
> purge xdm) and added the following line to my /etc/rc.local:
> su - user -c startx
> Now my system does the autologin into fluxbox but I no longer get my
> login console on Serial Port 1. It seems that the /etc/inittab file is
> not honored with this method (auto login).

That seems very strange to me.  I have not tested that exact
combination but I would certainly not have expected it.  And I am
suspicious that something else is going on because it seems that there
should not be a relationship between those two systems.  I am so
suspicious that I am compelled to ask if you are really sure that is
the correlation?  Please double check.

Are there any messaged logged to /var/log/syslog concerning failure of
getty to start on /dev/ttyS0?

If you run 'ps' do you see the getting running?

  $ ps -ef |grep getty

> Any ideas how can I get my login console on Serial Port 1 and at the
> same time auto log into fluxbox?

I have a system similarly configured using gdm (gdm 2.20.11, not gdm3)
and have it configured with the following:

File /etc/gdm/gdm.conf has this:

Both of these, the getting on the serial port and the gdm automated
login, work fine together for me.  Since this is using gdm
configuration to automatically log in a user it is different from your
using su and startx from the rc.local though.


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