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Re: [Slightly OT] Releasing swap space?

>>>>> Camaleón  <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:


 > So, who is going to say that a "/swap" partition is going to be
 > needed with 8 GiB of RAM?  I wouldn't, I just thought kernel makes
 > use of all of the available resources are allocates them to get the
 > best performance.  Meaning: if you have available resources (i.e.,
 > unused swap) they will be used.

	When preparing some files to be written to a DVD+R, I'd usually
	put them to /tmp/.  The total volume of the files in such a case
	may easily exceed the amount of the physical RAM I have on the
	host, so the swap gets used.

	IOW, I consider swap to be not only the disk space that gets
	used in the case there's insufficient physical RAM, but also the
	space that I can easily use for temporary files.

	Therefore, it's my preference, and everlasting recommendation,
	to have about 3% of the disk space allocated for swap.

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