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Re: [Slightly OT] Releasing swap space?

>>>>> AG  <computing.account@googlemail.com> writes:
>>>>> On 14/08/11 14:35, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>>>>> AG  <computing.account@googlemail.com> writes:


 > I have recently switched to Xfce4 on Stable from Gnome because the
 > latter was quite a memory hog and seemed to retain pages in swap
 > until I logged/ rebooted.

	The pages that stay longer in the swap are the pages that are
	used less frequently.

 > Xfce4 fortunately doesn't do this, but I did notice that after using
 > Swiftfox I was finding that 3% usage of swap didn't clear when I
 > closed the app.

	These are likely to be the pages belonging to some “sleeping”

 > This set me to wondering how much control I could exert and even
 > should exert over swap's content.

 > Are you able to confirm whether the code given previously is accurate
 > *and* safe should I want to pursue clearing swap on the fly?

	The code in question is only safe if there's enough free RAM to
	load all the swapped pages into.

	Otherwise, OOM madness may ensue.

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