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Re: squeeze freeze while copying from camera mem card (via USB)

El 2011-08-13 a las 21:54 +0300, Itay escribió:

(resending to the list)

> On Sat, 13 Aug 2011, Camaleón wrote:
>> Does it happen when copying the files using GUI-based tools (like
>> nautilus or dolphin) or it also happens when you use MC or console?
> It happens using command line.

Oops, then it can be related to the USB stack (USB kernel driver).

>> Mmm... the card can be wrong, you may think in replacing it or
>> reformat :-?
> Since it works with a different card, this is indeed an option.
> But if I'll do it I'll lose the oppurtunity to debug the situation.

If the card is bad, there is no need for further debugging ;-)

I doubt a formatting is going to work but who knows... I would 
try it, anyway.

> The main frustrating thing is that I can't monitor the situation once it 
> developes because I lose the keyboard and mouse.

It can be a kernel soft-lock.

> Any suggestions which log files I should check?
> Debug options to turn on?

/var/log/syslog can hold information about the lock, but it depends... 
have you tried to connect via SSH from another machine when the system 



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