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Re: Desktop client(Evolution, Thunderbird): Yahoo, ymail, rocketmail IMAP access

On 14/08/11 17:05, yudi v wrote:

    For Yahoo the answer is yes, and no. Yahoo provide IMAP access but
    try and restrict it to mobile devices that won't run their Zimbra
    client. You'll have to make your MUA spoof a mobile device id - and
    you'll be on a treadmill...

    imap.mail.yahoo.com <http://imap.mail.yahoo.com>; SSL � port 993

My question was specifically relating to Desktop client.

I read the post I replied to - that's what I meant by MUA.

I know that
Yahoo allows IMAP access to mobile devices.

Then have you at least tried setting your MUA to IMAP??

I would like to move away from Zimbra (it's not Yahoo owned anymore),

The commercial version is owned by VMware, the open-source client is not owned.

and was curious if any other desktop clients could access Yahoo mail.

Kind regards,

Yahoo will continue to make that difficult. The make their return on the "free" email services by taking you to their "web portal", and by charging you extra for an email service that works - so don't expect to continue to get access.

Any application that can deal with IMAP, can deal with IMAP - the main restriction will be IMAP servers (like Yahoo's) that try and restrict which platform clients they'll talk to.

See also:- https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=493064
and http://www.crasseux.com/linux/

If that's no longer the case, which is likely given yahoo's history of providing a similar level of free email service as Hotmail, you'll have to change your MUA ID to ("GUID" "1"). And given Yahoo's history of corrupting standards - who knows what they'll do next week. This is the company who's idea of a sound business model is to charge 1c per email to bypass their spam filters...

You could also try the Zindus plugin for Iceweasel or another IMAP proxy. Or just forward email to one of the better free email providers (gmail, mxmail etc).

Good luck

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