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Re: Desktop client(Evolution, Thunderbird): Yahoo, ymail, rocketmail IMAP access

On 14/08/11 15:09, yudi v wrote:

Is Yahoo, Ymail, Rocketmail access (I am talking about the free access,
not paid) still restricted using IMAP.
I was using Zimbra and it works fine.
Just installed a new system and was wondering if Yahoo made IMAP
accessible to all the clients like Evolution and Thunderbird.

Or is my only option Zimbra? I don't mind using it but would like to�
use evolution if possible. It integrates will with the desktop

Kind regards,

Wouldn't Yahoo, Ymail and Rocketmail be the best place to find an answer to that question?

For Yahoo the answer is yes, and no. Yahoo provide IMAP access but try and restrict it to mobile devices that won't run their Zimbra client. You'll have to make your MUA spoof a mobile device id - and you'll be on a treadmill...

imap.mail.yahoo.com; SSL – port 993

For the others you're going have to do the work yourself, or get someone else to do if for you. (sigh)


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