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Re: Unidentified subject! (wireless installation problem)

 On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 14:30:40 -0700 (PDT)
 "gnubayonne-debian451@yahoo.com gnubayonne-debian451@yahoo.com"
 suggested this:

>From Camaleón's comment, it sounds like using a wireless network to do
>an install is generally a problem, has anyone had success with a
>wireless install? I'm worried if I ever need to reinstall when I'm not
>in my home, it would not work. I don't know if I could get a wired
>network port away from home.

I have had the experience as what you say Camaleón has mentioned. Never
been able to install from a wireless network straight up. Have used a
wired network to get the basic system that boots up.

Then installed wireless-tools, non free firmware etc.. to try to
connect to a wireless network. Have installed wicd also, usually, to get
wireless recognised by my /etc/network/interfaces entries and then
installed the rest of the packages to complete the system installation.

Without wicd, ifup wlan0 doesn't seem to work. So I leave it on the
system. If it starts up and finds the wireless network I use that
connection, if it doesn't I invoke ifup wlan0 and use that.

It appears, in my case at least, that wireless just isn't as straight
forward as it probably should be in Debian. On a dual boot laptop,
windows XP finds it straight away. Ce la vie. We're using Debian to
learn, not because it's easy, are we?

Hope that helps.
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