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Re: restoring GRUB after windows 7 install along side Debian set-up with LUKS+LVM

W7 does not mangle the mbr any longer. After install, go to debian and run
update-grub to get a bootable W7.

This is incorrect.

Win 7 will definitely wipe out GRUB.

There are several ways to restore GRUB. It really depends on how one configured his setup.
I had the following configuration:

sda1 - win7
sda2 - /boot
sda3 - LVM on top of LUKS partition - (separate LVs for /, /home, and SWAP)
sda5 - FAT32

to restore GRUB I used the Debian DVD installer disk.
Advanced options >
rescue mode or Graphical rescue mode >
From the "Debian installer main menu" choose "enter rescue mode"
then it prompted me for my passphrase for sda3
then it listed all the partitions/LVs/LUKS partitions and asked me to choose the root file system
selected the LV with /
then selected execute a shell in root filesystem

this is where I got confused.

I did not mount /boot as it was on a separate partition and was getting errors.
Mounting sda2 at /boot fixed the issue.

the following two commands were the only ones I had to execute to get back GRUB.

mount /dev/sda2 /boot
grub-install /dev/sda

all done.

rebooted and everything was back to normal.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
Kind regards,

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