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Re: network devices have vanished on Dell D600

I think I've figured out a possible solution to my issues.  I noticed a
bunch of errors when running dmesg, and I centred on these errors with
the command "dmesg | grep BAR".  From this, I searched the internet, and
found a site where a whack of people were complaining of similar
issues.  The site being:
So, if this site is accurate, it seems that 2.6.32 kernels on
Debian can give some of these issues, but upgrading to 2.6.33 will
solve it.  Of course, occasionally I don't have these issues, as my
laptop sometimes works.  So, the person who reported the improvement
after upgrading may simply have had a lucky boot.  But, I figure I may
as well try getting a 2.6.33 image and see.


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