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RE: Receiving fatal flex scanner error

Hi All,


To add more,


I have debugged this more, the problem come because during yylex END_OF_BUFFER is handled differently where a BUFFER_NEW is checked and some global are changed. But, in yyinput there is no such specific handling.


Also, what is happening is that:

From yyinput, yywrap gets called it changes the buffer state to BUFFER_NEW but copying characters from yytext till yy_c_buf_p at start of buffer, yy_n_chars global is total number of characters in buffer but yy_n_chars of buffer struct is kept to number of character read from file. Now, at next yy_get_next_buffer called from another yyinput call these global change in similar way. Now at the END_OF_BUFFER case in yylex, the global get changed due to buffer state being BUFFER_NEW. These changed globals are causing fatal error.


Kindly, somebody please provide some inputs.


Thanks & Regards,

Harpreet Singh


From: Harpreet Singh Anand
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 2:57 PM
To: 'debian-user@lists.debian.org'
Subject: Receiving fatal flex scanner error


Hi All,


I have been using flex (2.5.4-version) for lexical analysis of some files.


For a set of file I am getting following error:


“fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed”


I have also check the same with 2.5.35 version. It also flags same error.


Is anyone aware of such bug being fixed in any patch.



I have also attached the small lex file and fileset causing the problem.


flex app.l

g++ lex.yy.c

./a.out file1 file2


Intent of Lex file:

It is a simple lex file having simple patterns. There is just a special handling for single line c-style comments “//”. Upon matching “//” I am eating up all characters till newline or file change using yyinput.


Input file set:

File1: last line contains a comment not containing “\n” character.

File2: Has very big comment


Thanks & Regards,

Harpreet Singh



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