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Re: thunderbird (how to set which application to use which file)

On 08/05/2011 08:57 PM, Camaleón wrote:
> On Fri, 05 Aug 2011 19:00:14 +0200, Matej Kosik wrote:
>> How can I tell Icedove which application it should use to open *.pdf
>> files, when they are attached to an e-mail and user decides to open
>> them?
> (...)
> In GNOME, it uses the default for the DE/WM. In my case, that's an Evince 
> task. What's your DE/WM?

This is my parents' computer.

GNOME seems to be configured correctly, because when PDF files are on the desktop, when I click them, they are opened in evince. This is correct.

However, when they to open pdf file attached to an email (theirs MTA is Icedove), I am only asked to determine the directory where they are supposed to be saved, instead of opening them in evince.

I would like to reconfigure Icedove so that PDF files are opened by evince. I just failed to figure out how to do that. Maybe they gave wrong answers in some dialog boxes, when they appeared; I do not know.

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