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Re: Have blkid reports on newly added devices

Tom H wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> >  //hostname/some/path/file  <- not portable
> >  /some//path////file        <- should be portable
> Thanks. Learning basic stuff after so many years! :)

Oh, and I should also say that three or more at the start should be
okay too.  It is only exactly two at the start that is special.

  ///some//path////file       <- should be portable
  ////some//path////file      <- should be portable

This is one of those standards that codified existing behavior.  It
wasn't a design.  It just froze into place what had already been in
place previously and nailed it to the ground.

Regardless of the above saying this is allowed I always try to reduce
paths to canonical form.  Things are so much less trouble that way.


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