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Re: Have blkid reports on newly added devices

Tom H wrote:
> > $ blkid -c /dev//null -p /dev/sdc1
> Sorry "/dev/null" not "/dev//null".

A very, very small tidbit.  As long as the multiple '/' chars are not
at the very start of the string then it doesn't matter and one or more
are all the same as one.  At the very start of the string it is
undefined or implementation defined or one of those meaning
non-portable because the old Apollo Unix systems used to use it to
indicate a network host name.  And so POSIX allowed it.  And so now
Cygwin uses it for the same thing too.  But anywhere other than at the
start they are all collapsed into one.

  //hostname/some/path/file  <- not portable
  /some//path////file        <- should be portable


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