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Re: Intrusion Statistics

On Fri, 05 Aug 2011 12:29:02 +0000, Walter Hurry wrote:

> More out of curiosity than paranoia, I have carried out a small
> geographical analysis of rejected "intrusion attempts" at my home router
> (this consists of dropped TCP packets and ICMP (ping) requests).

Interesting stats, indeed...

> Over the last seven months or so, there have been a total of 2318. By
> country of originating IP address, the top 5 are:
> China                    |        483 
> United Kingdom           |        455 
> Russian Federation       |        167 
> Germany                  |        74 
> Spain                    |         68

Hey, I'm there (Spain) :-P

My e-mail and web server stats also put China as the top source for 
dictionary/bots attacks.

> I am curious as to why the United Kingdom should figure so highly. It is
> my own location, which is undoubtedly relevant, but I don't really
> understand the reason. The Internet is global, so why should such a high
> proportion of these unsolicited packets originate from my own domicile?


Well, true is that UK has very good connections, infrastructure and cheap 
prices -I recently rented a hosting service in there- so for someone who 
needs to control a set of malware bots its definitely a "good" country -I 
mean, technically speaking- from where to operate (if you're located in 

Besides, is the third country per Internet users in Europe: 


I'd say that UK, The Netherlands and Germany are neuralgic nodes for ISP 
inter-connections making them a very attractive target for both legal and 
not so legal business...

P.S. Your message was formatted okay.



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