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[SOLVED] Running Wireshark as non-root in Squeeze

On 04/08/11 16:08, Camaleón wrote:
Configure as readme file says :-)

It seems there are two ways to setup wireshark (from readme file):

I./a. Installing dumpcap and allowing non-root users to capture packets
I./b. Installing dumpcap without allowing non-root users to capture

The installation method can be changed any time by running:
dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common

Bah! I misread that; probably too hasty :( I've been trying to dpkg-reconfigure wireshark (not common) with understandably little success.

I did the right thing; the wireshark group appeared, I added my user to it, and it all works fine!

Thank you so much for your ever-useful on the nail help, Cameleón.

Now to sort out my network problem ;(

Tony van der Hoff        | mailto:tony@vanderhoff.org
Buckinghamshire, England |

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