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Re: thread issue

On 8/4/2011 10:42 AM, lina wrote:

> Actually the nice-concern was in cluster.
> I can't use qsub or mpi

Full stop.  Time to give us more background Lina.  You've not been
forthcoming.  :)  I'm seeing "cluster" and "mpi" for the first time in
this thread, and we're some ~30 posts deep.  You should have given us
more detailed information about your platform in your first post.
Please answer these questions:

1.  What job (app) are you wanting to run?
2.  On every node in the cluster or just one, or a few?
3.  How frequently do you plan on running this program in future?
    i.e. will this be a daily/weekly/monthly job?
4.  Why are you now manually running this job on an individual node?
5.  Why won't this job work with PBS?

Given that this list is primarily staffed by desktop weenies ;), I'm
surprised you're asking for advice here, instead of on a Linux cluster
oriented or other list more appropriate to your situation.


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