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Re: KDE4.4 desktop customization for multiple users.

On Sun, 2011-07-31 at 02:48 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> > I think that's the hard way.  Using KIOSK is probably easier and more
> > consistent (e.g., KDE does not normally read all the bash profile/rc
> > scripts).  Alas, I'm flat out today through Monday so I don't think I'll
> > have time to answer the previous question about how we do it until some
> > time next week - John
> I'd appreciate a link to a working KIOSK for KDE 4.x - I thought it had
> ceased with KDE 3.x...
That's interesting.  You may be correct as we have intentionally avoided
KDE4 by using Trinity as a KDE3 replacement

In our case we are using VServers and bind mounting host directories
into the various guests.  One of those directories is a central
configuration repository for various KDE profiles.  The VServer bit is
irrelevant as it should translate to any multiuser environment.  We set
KDEDIR and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS in various environment files (in a
non-multi-tenant, non-vserver environment, the /etc/environment fie will
probably do).  We reference these in the PAM configuration.  We use
environment because we were completely befuddled about why the
environment variables were not being set in the bash configuration
scripts until we learned that KDE does not invoke them.  Thus our
reliance upon the environment files.

We create the common settings in the default profile and then any
specializations in other profiles - all by manually editing the
configuration files.  We then point to those profiles as needed.  As
always, any user customizations are stored in the ~/.kde tree.

All of this is moot if KDE4 does not support KIOSK.  Has it abandoned
KIOSK in favor of simply adhering the the XDG standards? - John

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