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Re: tomld: fully automatic MAC configuration solution

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 2:28 AM, Horvath Andras <han@log69.com> wrote:
> Dear Members,
> I'd like to announce the availability of the first beta release of my
> tomld project.
> This is a deamon managing fully automatic MAC configuration without any
> user interaction.
> (supported platforms are: Debian 6 and up, Ubuntu 10.10 and up)
> My site:
> http://log69.com/tomld_en.html

This website is *REALLY* hard to read on a normal screen. Can I
suggest that you reset that font size and color not to be light gray
text on a white background.

I also really, really wish the Tomoyo project had not chosen MAC to
mean "Mandatory Access Control" rather than the more typical "Media
Access Control" or MAC address associated with Ethernet devices for
the last few decades. It was quite confusing when I read your site and
had not dealt with Tomoyo previously.

But good luck with this. Not having used Tomoyo, how does it compare
in usefulness against security threats, and abillity to completely
mess you up at an awkward moment, with SELinux?

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