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Re: Setting up FTP server with specific username and password

On 20/07/11 13:22, Dejan Ribič wrote:

I am trying to set up a FTP server, with specific username and password,
because i have a router backup set up, to backup every hour now on
Windows 7 I have FTP Server set-up like this:
username: jadjada
password: supersecret
(btw: the user/pass above are made up, and should be used just as an
Now I'd ilke the same set-up on my debian squeeze, and if possible the
upload folder to be /home/pijanc/tomato.
pijanc is my username on debian.



Hijacking another thread will make it difficult for others to notice and reply to you.

There are a range of ftp server packages in Debian you can use. I don't use one myself, so can't provide any specific recommendation. However...

...Start Aptitude, and then search for the virtual package ftp-server. This lists a range of packages. Check each one's description and follow links to related web sites and see if that helps you choose.

Alan Chandler

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