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Re: vbox sid invalid mcookie

On 2011-07-18, Cousin Stanley <cousinstanley@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Cousin Stanley wrote :
>>> Using a debian squeeze host for a Virtual Box 4.0.12
>>> debian sid guest, about a month ago I started having
>>> invalid magic cookie problems when trying to do 
>>> anything X related from a terminal .... 
> Liam O'Toole replied :
>> Are you running applications 
>> entirely within the Virtual Box guest ? 
>   Yes, just using it as a test-bed for sid
>   and for a few packages that are not in squeeze.
>> Or trying to forward output 
>> to the host display ? 
>   No, although I might want to try that
>   in the future ....
>   I can ssh & scp from the sid guest
>   to the squeeze host .... 
>   However, if I  ssh -Y  to the squeeze host
>   I get the invalid magic cookie message
>   the same as only trying to start a local 
>   X program from the terminal in the sid guest .... 
>   X forwarding is enabled in the squeeze host,
>   and I can  ssh -Y  into the host
>   from ArchLinux and Ubuntu guests
>   also under VirtualBox on the same host 
>   without problems .... 

That strongly suggests that the problem lies within the sid guest. How
do you start X there? Usually one would use startx or a display manager,
launch a terminal within the session, and launch programs from the
terminal at will.

Liam O'Toole
Cork, Ireland

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