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Re: Networking -- use of two Internet connections for one server with round robin DNS -- web okay, but should I do mail this way too?

On 09/07/11 19:00, lee wrote:
> Erwan David <erwan@rail.eu.org> writes:
>> On 09/07/11 18:15, lee wrote:
>>> Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au> writes:
>>>> Can rDNS lookups for different IPs return the same result such as
>>>> "mail.example.com" or must each IP have it's own unique PTR record
>>>> name?
>>> Apparently they can, though I don't like the idea. For outgoing email,
>>> you need to make sure that the hostname given in [E]HLO statements and
>>> the IP address of the host connecting to a remote MTA always match when
>>> the remote MTA resolves either.  You may send me some test mails to
>>> check.
>> My mail server is behind a NAT gateway in IPv4, and directly connects in
>> IPv6. What shoud I configure it for HELO : the name of the NAT gateway
>> (for IPv4) or its own name (IPv6 only from outside) ?
> Hm.  Can you send me an email through IPV6?  My guess is that you can
> not, and that you would need to configure the [E]HLO depending on which
> version of the protocol you use to send outgoing messages.  But then,
> I'd have to look up how exactly exim4 is doing the rDNS checking to be
> sure.

Depends on your MX But all my emails to debian ML go through IPv6

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