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Networking -- use of two Internet connections for one server with round robin DNS -- web okay, but should I do mail this way too?


I have a client server, it is accessible via two separate Internet connections.

I've managed to get it set up so that the single server can be accessed fully via either Internet connection with some "interesting" routing configuration.

Now I know that the website can be serviced via either connection with a couple of DNS entries (one for each public IP) and I'm pretty sure that won't cause any problems.

What I am thinking of doing is making the two MX records both at the same level number, 10, and having that do round robin as well (again, just the one mail server, accessible via both connections). Does anyone see any issues with this idea? Both public IPs in use will have rDNS setup. My theory is that half the email will come in via one connection and half via the other one. Outgoing email will just use one of the connections.

Any ideas / comments / other things to consider?

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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