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Re: mplayer and fvwm-crystal

William Hopkins <we.hopkins@gmail.com> writes:

> On 07/04/11 at 10:45pm, lee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> what might be the reason for mplayer to come up without window
>> decorations on fvwm-crystal?
> mplayer is a command-line tool. If you wish to control it primarily via GUI,
> use gmplayer or kmplayer, which is an mplayer wrapper application.

Its window always had decorations when running it with KDE.  I don't
need the GUI to control mplayer because I'm using the keyboard to do
that.  It's inconvenient not being able to move the mplayer window
because it doesn't have decorations.

So either there's some setting of fvwm-crystal that turns off the
decorations and which I couldn't find, or the default for mplayer is to
create a window that doesn't have decorations (if that is something the
application creating the window can decide).

Are you suggesting that the default for mplayers windows is not to have

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