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Re: mplayer and fvwm-crystal

On 07/04/11 at 10:45pm, lee wrote:
> Hi,
> what might be the reason for mplayer to come up without window
> decorations on fvwm-crystal?  I've searched through the configuration
> files of fvwm2 and didn't find an entry about it.  Is this a default or
> is it something in my settings?  Or is it something that mplayer does?
> There seems to be a choice between gmplayer and kmplayer in
> fvwm-crystal. I've tried gmplayer, and it comes up with window
> decorations.

mplayer is a command-line tool. If you wish to control it primarily via GUI,
use gmplayer or kmplayer, which is an mplayer wrapper application.


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