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Re: printing image full page

On 07/05/2011 12:03 AM, T o n g wrote:

I'm looking for a script-able way to print any arbitrary image onto a
full printer page (letter, A4, etc).

All the image viewing tools that I tried didn't give me such feature, and
so far the only solution I have is,<cough>,<cough>, doing it in winword.


Winword is not scriptable either. You could open the image in GIMP and
it might be possible to scale it directly to full page--I'm not that
familiar with its properties.  However, I believe that GIMP will allow you
to save as a .pdf.  Then Adobe Reader will allow you to scale the
.pdf image to any size you like, and print it. There are probably other
solutions, but I don't now of a scriptable one.


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