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Re: Game for toddlers

On 04/07/11 21:51, T o n g wrote:

Do you have any *first hand experiences* of games available in Debian
that toddlers of 2 to 4 can enjoy?

Or, a bit OT, your *first hand experiences* of online games for toddlers

I found my child extremely slow in picking up the idea of the games --
she is over 4 and can barely play with mouse, let alone keyboard.


Well, I let my children play it a while ago (ie 5 years ago, when the youngest was about 3-4) and there was quite a selection of puzzles, simple logic games, etc.

However I wouldn't make a child to play if she/he doesn't want to. Actually I'm happy when they (my children) like playing with toys or outside (and leave PC to me ;-) ).

When a bit older (7+) they enjoyed supertux and supertuxcart. Also some online games like 'club penguin', however this one requires an account, some reading / writing abilities.

Kind regards,
Michal R. Hoffmann

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