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Re: Start rtorrent on bootup in Squeeze

On 04/07/2011 13:25, Ramon Hofer wrote:
Wow, this really is perfect!
I did what you told me and it works like a charm :-)

Thank you!
Indeed, it's a great pleasure for me to share this script! When I wrote it, I was particularly proud and then I polished it with the idea in mind to be able to share it quickly. Mission done today!

A friend of mine is using it since the beginning too and is really happy with it.

Just for curiosity:
When updating-rc.d I get the message "update-rc.d: using dependency based
boot sequencing".
I suppose this is just an information?
Just want to be sure as I've never added/changed init.d scripts...
Yes this message is just telling you that now it uses upstart instead of the old system V approach (executing scripts as are presented alphabetically). Now, upstart uses dependencies: in my script, you'll find a dependency on network, that is, my script will be started after the network is started. Moreover, my script provide a "service" that is basically called "rtorrent".

But now, it's important to mention that if you wish to use this script for *more than one users* on the same machine, you'll have a dependency-name conflict since all of the rtorrent-user.* scripts will provide the same "service" name (aka "rtorrent"). So you just have to edit the scripts and change "rtorrent" to "rtorrent.<username>".

Just to push things a little more: I have a generic alias (in ~/.bashrc) called 'srt' that completes the "suite":

alias='screen -x rtorrent.${USER}'


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