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Re: Squeeze and root in graphical mode

On Sunday 03 July 2011 17:32:19 Camaleón wrote:
> I was one of those newbies that sometimes logged as root when I was
> giving my first steps in Linux. I remember in that time (2003, KDE 3.2.x,
> IIRC) there was a background image¹ for root login with bright red and
> plenty of bombs. Yes, bombs, for the user to understand the risk of
> having that session open :-)
> Nowadays, KDE and also GNOME discourage using root GUI sessions but it
> still possible to get them.

That bomb screen was, I think, special to SuSE (with which I also started.  
But I didn't use it for long because I couldn't stand YaST).  And yes, I too 
logged in as root in those days.  But only because I had no idea at that 
stage what else to do for anything that needed root access.

I *think* that it is Debian, not KDE, that won't key you log in to a GUI 
session as root.  There certainly was a phase when Debian wouldn't and 
PPLinuxOS, also with KDE, would.  (No, I didn't make a habit of logging in as 
root.  I tried once, and logged out again immediately - it wasn't just the 
cat who was killed by curiosity!)


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