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Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

On 30/06/11 23:14, Paul Lettington wrote:
> Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 30/06/11 17:09, Paul Lettington wrote:
>>> On 30/06/11 04:04, Martin McCormick wrote:


>>>> Can I boot the CDROM in serial console mode as before?
>>> I had to do this recently to install on a serial-only virtual
>>> machine, and found that I had to modify the CD to present
>>> anything over the serial port. I don't know if I was doing
>>> something wrong and it should have been possible with a stock CD,
>>> but this worked for me.
>>> These are the notes I made while doing it, you should substitute
>>> the 6.0.1a version for whatever is current when you do it.
>> Are you certain the advice you gave a blind person is accurate??
> Yes, I am certain that what I said in my email is accurate - which
> is that it was the procedure I followed when I modified the CD image
> to use a serial console for the installer, and that doing so worked
> for me.

My apologies - I phrased that question poorly. :-(
Are you certain that was the only way to achieve a serial console install?

> However I am not certain that this is the best or only way to do it,
> and I even said as much in my original email.


>> All your instructions do is hard code what can be done at the cli
>> or through pre-seeding - with an added difficulty and time factor.
> I've not used pre-seeding before,

Then you are more advanced than you suppose ;-p
What you described, will work, and *is* preseeding. :-)

> so I may be mistaken about its capabilities. Are you saying that it
> can be used to change the console for the installer when booting from
> a CD, without modifying the CD at all? 

The "old" text based CLI interface is still there (see pic) - you need
to either hit esc at the start of grub, or arrow down to Help at the
first screen, and press enter.


>> Did you try to enter "install console=ttyS0,9600n8" at the *CLI*??
> What CLI would I enter this at? As I said in my original email, I
> was using a serial-only virtual machine and saw nothing over the
> serial console using the stock CD image. There is no other console
> that I would be able to type that in to.

Try the previous instructions.

>> I just installed from debian-6.0.1a-i386-kde-CD-1.iso *without* 
>> modifying the CD, using a serial console.


> I would be interested to know the details of how you did that. 

I've already posted them - see upthread.

> I am 
> using KVM rather than XEN, but I don't believe it would be much
> different.

Then you know more about KVMs than me. Which isn't hard ;-p

> In case I was being foolish when I first did it, I have spun up a
> new headless VM just now using an unmodified CD image, as follows:
> --- # virt-install --nographics -r 128 -n testvm --disk 
> path=/tmp/testvm,size=5,bus=virtio -c 
> /home/paul/iso/debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst.iso
> Starting install... Creating storage file testvm
> | 5.0 GB 00:00 Creating domain...
> |    0 B 00:00 Connected to domain testvm Escape character is ^] ---
> It is now sat like that, with the serial port of the VM attached to
> my terminal and I am seeing no output. It has been like that for
> several minutes now. Using my modified iso, I see output from the
> installer straight away.
> Paul.

I can't help you with VM pass-through issues. There are list for that :-)
eg. innitab on client, host and guest, port, pipe/file settings on host,
setserial output? UART? etc :-/

NOTE: if the preseed serial console settings you embedded in your
customised cd aren't correct - you'll need to use a standard cd as I
don't believe you can override them at the cli.

Just configuring pass-through for a Virtualbox guest is difficult enough.

See attached (small) image for what sits behind the (dancing bear)
install gui.


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