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Re: OpenOffice vs LibreOffice Questions

On Wed, 29 Jun 2011, John W Foster wrote:
> 1. Why is Debian switching to LibreOffice, per the posting I saw a few
> days ago?

Because that PR was unfortunately worded.  We are not _switching to_
LibreOffice, we're switching package names.  We've been shipping what is now
named LibreOffice all along:  LibreOffice is derived from go-ooo, which was
the fork of OpenOffice.org that we were shipping.

> 2. Is OpenOffice still going to be supported?

Someone might see fit to package apache-ooo.org, but right now there is only
LibreOffice (formely go-ooo) in Debian.

Support for the packages that have been shipped in Squeeze has not been
discontinued at all.

> 3. What makes LibreOffice better than OpenOffice?

See above.  Right now, LibreOffice 3.3/3.4 are newer versions of what Debian
has been shipping.

But if you want to compare LibreOffice with Apache OpenOffice.org, it is
best to ask that again in about one year.  It is still too soon to ask that
kind of question.

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