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Re: Running Squeeze on a 2 GB usb stick?

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 09:17:15PM -0700, Mark wrote:
> Hi - I have a work laptop with Windows and since it tracks basically
> everything I do, I'd like to install Squeeze to a 2 GB usb stick I have
> laying around so I can boot to that instead of the internal hdd for personal
> use.  I plan on doing the Expert Install and was wondering if there is
> advice on recommended packages other than the base system for my given
> circumstances?  Here's what I was thinking of installing in addition to the
> base system:
> -GParted
> -gedit
> -Iceweasel
> -Synaptic Package Manager
> -Update Manager
> -Network Manager (or wicd)
> -A few things under Preferences like Appearance, Screensaver, Power
> Management
> Am I silly to think I'll be able to do this on 2 GB?  The laptop has 4 GB
> RAM so I'm not worried about swap space.
> Thank you for any input.
> Mark
---end quoted text---

I did this myself Mark, using Debian's Live System image; As long as you don't do any updates it will fit fine. The killer is you can't update anything on that size of a pendrive. I'd do as another user suggested and obtain a larger pendrive as they're quite cheap. I went with a 16 Gb myself as there was no way I wanted to do without security updates.

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