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Re: Threading

On Ter, 21 Jun 2011, Scott Ferguson wrote:
It's not hard to reply to a digest - it's just requires some thought and
a little editing.
It's certainly no excuse to clutter the list with useless subject and
irrelevant content.
(not a lecture to you Camaleón)

In Iceweasel:-
Select the entire post being replied to
Click on reply to list
Copy the post title into the subject line of the reply
If the it's not already prefaced with "Re: " make it so
Edit the date, posters email and the formatting information.

That still has one disadvantage over replying to individual emails: no References/In-Reply-To header, so MUAs that do The Right Thing™ will not thread the mails properly. (But those that thread on the subject will do so, though they cannot know to which specific message in the thread the reply belongs).

That said, there are MUAs (especially web mail interfaces) that also do not set threading headers.

You will lose an important tape file.


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