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Re: X bother consoles

On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:33:08 +0200, maderios wrote:

> After changing my hardware, a curious problem appeared with Wheezy and
> Squeeze.

I would be nice that you tell us what piece of hardware did you change. I 
can guess it's the VGA card but it can be a fan or your sata dvd 
recorder, who knows :-P

> When starting X from a console, the space of the other consoles seem
> "zoomed": the bottom of the console is not visible but I can always
> return the data from the keyboard, "blindly". The command 'setupcon'
> restores the normal console  but when I restart X, console is disturbed
> again. The graphic card is a Nvidia Quadro600 so I tested kernel mode
> setting with the driver 'Nouveau': no problem. 

You mean that nouveau driver works fine?

> The console doesnt seem disturbed because of the framebuffer ..... By
> cons, as I have not intend to use Nouveau driver, I would like consoles
> back normal. I tested also with another graphics card (MatroxP690, vesa
> driver), same problem.
> I dont  understand how  X server can change the consoles display.

Whatever X driver is in use it takes control of it, for the good and the 
bad :-(

> Thank you for any help, ideas / suggestions on this oddity. Maderios

So let's recap.

You want to use nvidia closed driver and get it to work on terminal 
consoles, right?

As you already have found the culprit (nvidia driver) and given that this 
closed driver is completey up to nvidia, I would start by using the most 
up-to-date version (275.09.07) and search in Google about similar cases, 
like these, to find a possible workaround:


Giving a whirl to Xorg logs may also help.



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