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Re: Is there any valid reason to add an idiotic script to /etc/init.d by an default Debian install that only cause a PITA?

On Sun, 2011-06-12 at 13:35 +0000, Camaleón wrote:
> On Sun, 12 Jun 2011 12:23:16 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> (not sure if this post was targeted to this mailing list...)
> (...)
> > anyway, this is idiocy, hence the default can be set by the kernel. For
> > the kernel-generic-default-office-non-real-time a distro could chose
> > 'ondemand'. This script is nonsense and only cause that once a month
> > somebody send a request regarding to xruns when using jackd.
> What's the problem here? What kind of annoyance are you having with that 
> script? I find it very convenient, it allows you to:
> 1/ Completely remove/disable it from starting in an easy manner
> 2/ Tweaking the cpu scaling without much headache
> What more do you need? :-)
> Greetings,

- This can be done without this script. What is the kernel config for?
- Inexperienced people get 'mysterious' xruns using jackd.
- Inexperienced people willing to 'read the [fine] manual' anyway don't
  know what they need to read, especially when thy think jackd is buggy.
- I run audio sessions by shell scripts, hence I can set the governor to
  performance, while it's ok when it's set to ondemand for non-audio
- Why not making a Debian that OOTB fit to most needs, even for people
  who don't wish to read [fine] manuals and to learn how to program.
- When I get a knife, I know how to use it, but I don't know how to make
  a knife and I don't want to learn how to make a knife, it should be
  already edged. I won't RTFM about knives.

2 Cents,


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