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Re: Linux for humans that differ to averaged people was - Re: Subscription

2011/6/11 Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com>:
> On Saturday 11 June 2011 11:07:36 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> [snip]
>> > That is not sarcasm incidentally.  I would genuinely like to know how you
>> > can use braille to read things on the Internet.
>> A misunderstanding, perhaps regarding to my broken English.
> No, I fully understood you (second person singular).  You (second person
> singular) said that you (second person singular) are dyslexic.  But _you_
> (second person singular) misunderstood _me_.  It is difficult for me to know
> what I should avoid on an international list, and "one" as a pronoun
> effectively died in the mid twentieth century, so complicated periphrasis can
> be avoided only by using the pronoun "you" in the third person instead of
> using "one", which it has replaced in the language.
> And as you (second person singular) see here, attempts to clarify or rephrase
> are necessarily very clumsy.
> Lisi

Maybe it is time for big revolution in English language of XXI century
- the revival of pronoun "one".
For one thing, I'm still encountering pronoun "one", and it is quite
often, so I wouldn't be so hasty to this judgment of effective death
(though it may be caused by wandering in strange dark corners of

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