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Re: Gnome desktop settings borked on testing after reboot

On 09/06/11 19:19, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 18:38 +0100, AG wrote:
Hi all

Having just rebooted after an uptime of 7 days, I have logged into my
Gnome DE to find that all of my settings for the desktop have been
borked and the desktop is close to unfunctional.

These are some of the issues:
1. Windows manager is "unknown" and no configuration tool is registered
2. windows are launched at the top of the screen&  I cannot drag these
3. clicking a mouse on a window does not bring it to the fore
4. there are no longer multiple workspaces
5. windows do not have the 'x' in the corner to close, nor any option to
minimise/ enlarge
6. a screensaver launches after ~30 seconds of inactivity (I don't use a
7. no key mapping exists

Both metacity and nautilus are the most current versions.  No other
user-based changes made to configuration except for whatever gets
configured in safe updates using update-manager.

Can anyone please help - I really do need a usable desktop environment
to work in.


I can't help but confirm that strange things happen, at least for me
A reboot always reset everything to normal.

If similar happens here, I sometimes get D-Bus errors, but again, after
rebooting everything was fixed.

Yesterday the GNOME terminal emulation all of a sudden changed from
normal letters to some cryptic letters, I closed and opened it ant
everything was ok. I lost the root command history and it kept lost.

My machine is a real-time machine with a self build kernel and
I successfully switched ALSA and jackd by self build versions, but that
shouldn't cause any issues.

I suspect that D-Bus is broken.

Just a shot in the dark ;)


Hey Ralf

Thanks for the reply ... unfortunately the reboot fix just ain't working for me :-(

I've rebooted several times now in the course of trying to fix this and it is still the same fecked-up cr4p that it was when I appealed for help.

This is a complete nonsense - why are config files being over-written by a safe-update ? Sorry - don't mean to rant, but this is a complete waste of time when I have work to do!

Thanks anyway.


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